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General Tonic, Anaemia, Immune System Booster



Alfalfa MT, Avena Sativa MT, Ginseng MT, Cinehona Off MT, Hydrastis Can MT, Kalium Phosphoricum 3x, Kalium Arsenicosum 4x, Ferrum Aceticum 3x, Calcarea Phosphorica 3x.

INDICATION: Nervousness, Anxiety, General debility, loss of appetite, Anaemia weakness after child birth and prolonged illness.



Avena Sat. Q, Alfalfa Q, Ashwagandha Q, Cinchona Off. Q, Crataegus Q, Damiana Q, Hydrastis Can. Q, Passiflora 3x, Calc. Phos 3x, Mag Phos 3x, Nat Phos 3x, Ferr. Phos 3x, Kali Phos 3x.

INDICATION: Recommended for general weakness, Anaemia, Nervous debility, fatigue, Insomnia, Malnutrition, Poor Appetite, Indigestion, Loss of weight and memory, debility after child birth & convalesence after prolonged illness.



Withania Somnifera 1x, Avena Sativa 1x, Terminalia Arjuna 1x, Zingiber 1x, Calc Phosphoricum 3x, Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x, Natrum Phosphoricum 3x, Kali Phosphoricum 3x, Mag. Phosphoricum 3x.

INDICATION: Nervousness, Anxiety, General debility, Loss of appetite, Anaemia, Weakness after child birth and prolonged illness.


Paediatric Segment


Alfalfa 1x, Avena Sat 1x, Cinchona off 1x, Hydrastis 1x, Cina 1x, Chelidonium 1x, Leptandra 1x, Nux Vomica 1x, Chamomilla 1x, Kalmegh 1x, Carica Papaya 1x, Calc Phos 3x, Kali Phos 3x, Nat Phos 3x, Mag Phos 3x, Ferr Phos 3x, Ferrum Met 3x.

INDICATION: A highly effective tonic children. It is recommended as a restorative tonic for children promotes growth. Increase appetite, very useful in case of Rickets. Marasmus, Grinding of Teeth, Flatulence, Stomach pain, Liver troubles, Osteomalacia and other vitamin deficiencies.

Respiratory Problems



Zingiber Off Q., Bryonia Q, Ipecauanha Q, Nux Vom Q, Vasaka Q, Belladonna Q, Stramonium Q.

INDICATION: For rapid and prolonged relief in acute or chronic cough, common cold, bronchitis, spasmodic cough, influenza symptoms and allergic cough.

Gynaecological Problems



Pinus LQ., Secale Cor. Q., Pulsatilla Q., Sabina Q, Caulophyllum Q., Gossypium Q., Mag Phos 2x.

INDICATION: Stopped, Scanty and retarded menses due to nervousness, functional or as a result of organic cause Dymenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea, False pregnancy, Incomplete abortion.




Abroma Augusta Q, Abroma Radix Q, Aletris Far Q, Alfalfa Q, Arjuna Q, Berberis Vul. Q, Caulophyllum Q, Cinchona Q, Crataegus Q, Ashoka Q, Pulsatilla Q, Viburnum Pr. Q, Kali Brom. 1x

INDICATION: An excellent remedy for Uterine cramps, irregular excessive on scanty or painful menstruation, stoppage of menstruation, Leucorrhoea, Amenorrhoea and other painful Anomalies.

Male Sexual Problems




Avena Sativa 2x, Agnus Castus 2x, Acidum Phosphoricum 3x, China 2x, Damiana 1x, Lycopodium Clavatum 3x, Viburnum oplus 3x, Yohimbinum Hydrochloricum 1x.

Gastro Intestinal Problems


Nux Vomica1x, Cinchona Officinalis 1x, Hydrastis Canadensis 1x, Carbo Veg 3x, Zingiberis off 1x, Natrum Carbonicum 1x, Ocimum Sanctum 1x, Lycopodium 1x, Allium sat 1x, Mentha Peperita 1x.

INDICATION: It effectively stimulates the digestive system to bring about adjustment of Malabsorption and Maldigestion syndromes. As a nutritional additive, it helps relieve, Hepatitis associated with fatty infiltration of liver habitual constipation and termenative Dyspepsia. It is a dependable remedy for Anorexia.

PACKING: 110ml.

Liver Disorders



Carduus Marianus MT, Chelidonium Majus MT, Andrographis Paniculata MT, Hydrastis Canadensis MT, Taraxacum MT, Podophyllum Peltatum MT, Ipecacuanha MT

INDICATION: Enlargement of liver, sluggish liver, Jaundice, Loss of appetite. Also useful in malignancy of liver and gall bladder.

PACKING: 180ml.





The company has ISO 9001:2008 & GMP Certified modern manufacturing facilities. All products manufactured by us are manufactured by using (ENA) Extra Neutral Alcohol.

All the raw materials and products manufactured by us are tested in our own fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory under the supervision of the technical staff approved by Food & Drug Administration to conform the standards laid down.

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  • Our dilutions are prepared by genuine Back Potencies with exact measures of ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) free from all impurities such as Aldehydes, Ketones etc. under the strict supervision of Technical staff approved by the Food & Drug Administration.
  • Dilutions are manufactured in a dust free air conditioned and pollution free environment.
  • Dilutions are filled in non reactive neutral glass bottles.
  • Mother Tinctures are manufactured not.....

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