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Homoeopathy is an unproven science

Homoeopathy is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data. Over the years, homoeopathic medicines have been extensively studied for their efficacy in a variety of indications. Clinical studies have been conducted in India as well as other countries. In fact, the term 'Allopathy' was coined by the founder of homoeopathy whom the allopaths regard as the founder of experimental pharmacology.


Homoeopathic medicines are only sugar pills which act more as placebos and have no medicinal value as such

The white sugar pills, as such do not have any medicinal value. But these act as vehicles or carriers for the medicines, which are alcohol based. Otherwise the medicine can be taken directly or dissolved in water. Homoeopathic medicines have been scientifically studied the world over and found to be effective in a wide range of diseases. Thus they are not placebos.


Homoeopathy is a 'magic remedy' that can treat any disorder.

Homoeopathy, like any other field of medicine, has its limitations. For example, it cannot treat cases where surgery is unavoidable, dental cases, etc.


Homoeopathic doctors are quacks who do not have formal training in the field of medicine.

Qualified doctors practice Homoeopathy, in most parts of the world. In India, there are over 180 medical colleges, which offer degree and post-graduate studies in Homoeopathy. At present, there are over 1,50,000 trained homoeopaths in the country.


Homoeopathy is only useful in chronic cases

Very often it is - where everything else has failed! But the true reason for this perception is because people turn to homoeopathy so late when everything else has failed! After years of allopathic treatment often an illness becomes chronic. The treatment will now naturally take longer than in case of using homoeopathy right from the beginning.


Homoeopathy cannot be used in diabetic patients

It can! The minute amount of sugar globuli (the little round pills) taken daily does not matter. Sugar intake in the daily diet is significantly higher than that taken by a few globuli. In very severe cases, the dilution may be taken as drops in water or over lactose.


The homoeopath gives the same white pills for all types of illness. How can they be really effective?

Depending on the illness, homoeopaths medicate with different medicines. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle for transfer of the medicine. The selected medicine, out of a range of more than 1200 different dilutions, is targeted to the individual problems.


Are there really no side effects of homoeopathic medicine

Generally there are no side effects of homoeopathic medicine if prescribed in potencies of 3CH and above. However, some tinctures and triturates in very low potencies like 1x, 2x have some side effects of minor nature.


Homoeopathy Drugs cause initial Aggravation

It is generally felt that homoeopathic drugs cause initial aggravation, which is not a correct picture. The fact is that homoeopathic drugs stimulate the immune reaction by way of creating an artificial similar symptomatology in subtle manner which if it all felt by the patient is of transitory nature, and hardly affect the quality of life. Patients with chronic diseases who had been taking palliative immuno-supppressive drugs (steroids), invariably report long drawn aggravation. Such aggravation is due to the withdrawal effect of the drugs. The safe course in all patients is to withdraw these drugs gradually and after getting some additional relief with homoeopathic drugs, aggravation can be minimised. Sometimes in chronic cases where there is lot of suppression of different symptoms for the last many years and the problems are of complex nature, old symptoms of the patient tend to appear during the phase of recovery, all such symptoms should be within tolerable limits and should give a simultaneous feeling of well being. So there is no need to have apprehension about the aggravations while taking homoeopathic treatment for any disease.


Homoeopathy treats only the Symptoms

Homoeopathy takes in to account symptoms of the disease; characteristics of the patients, his desires and aversions, his state of mind and prepares a portrait of sickness, which is used for selecting a suitable homoeopathic drug. This drug usually covers most of the symptoms and removes the disease by stimulating the immune system of the body permanently. Homoeopathic doctors also monitor all other laboratory parameters like testing of blood sugar, eye examination, and heart examination in a diabetic patient. All these parameters help the physicians in the management of the case and helps in deciding about the extent of recovery during the follow up of patients. Hence homoeopathy gives comprehensive health care to patients.


Homoeopathy Drugs are Slow to Act

It is a myth that homoeopathic drugs are slow to act. Patients respond to homoeopathic medicines instantaneously and the symptoms start improving quickly, even with single dose. Since homoeopathy usually deals with the chronic and lingering problems and such problems do take longer time to recover, this at times creates an impression that the drugs are slow in action. But the face remains that the problems, which were almost difficult to treat by the other systems of medicine do recover permanently with homoeopathy. It will be pertinent to add that the acute symptoms like migraine headache, diarrhoea, fever and colic recover with well - selected homoeopathic drugs instanteneously. So it can be said that the response with the homoeopathic drugs usually depends upon the duration and intensity of the problem and is not at all slow.


Homoeopathic Treatment requires Dietary Restriction

It is a fallacy that a lot of dietary restrictions are required while taking homoeopathic medicines. Dietary advices even in homoeopathy are primarily decided by the disease of the patient like salt restrictions in hypertension, sugar restriction in diabetes mellitus patients etc. It has been seen that homoeopathic medicines do act on person who are in that dietary restriction are preprequisite for taking homoeopathic are treatment. However, it will be wise to keep the mouth clean and fresh before taking the medicine. There are very few homoeopathic drugs where some dietary restrictions would be advisable to ensure better and lasting effect of the drugs.


The company has ISO 9001:2008 & GMP Certified modern manufacturing facilities. All products manufactured by us are manufactured by using (ENA) Extra Neutral Alcohol.

All the raw materials and products manufactured by us are tested in our own fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory under the supervision of the technical staff approved by Food & Drug Administration to conform the standards laid down.

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  • Our dilutions are prepared by genuine Back Potencies with exact measures of ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) free from all impurities such as Aldehydes, Ketones etc. under the strict supervision of Technical staff approved by the Food & Drug Administration.
  • Dilutions are manufactured in a dust free air conditioned and pollution free environment.
  • Dilutions are filled in non reactive neutral glass bottles.
  • Mother Tinctures are manufactured not.....

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